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Lauffenburger Lab


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Doug Lauffenburger
Biological Engineering Division; Professor & Co-Director, 1998-2003; Uncas & Helen Whitaker Professor of Bioengineering & Director, 2003-present
Department of Chemical Engineering; Professor, 1995-present
Department of Biology; Professor, 2002-present
Biotechnology Process Engineering Center; Member, 1997-present; Director, 1998-2003
Center for Biomedical Engineering; Member, 1995-present; Director, 1995-1998
Center for Cancer Research; Affiliate, 1999-present
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room: 56-341 / 16-429
Cambridge MA 02139 USA

Phone: (617) 252-1629
Fax: (617) 258-0204


B.S. (ChE) University of Illinois, 1975 Ph.D. (ChE) University of Minnesota, 1979

Current CV (Word Document)

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