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Lauffenburger Lab


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Graduate student theses directed

University of Pennsylvania

Carol Rothman (MSE, 1981): A quantitative analysis of the linear under-agarose migration assay for the measurement of leukocyte motility and chemotaxis parameters.

Barbara Calcagno-P. (MSE, 1981): Analysis of steady-state growth and competition of motile bacterial populations in nonmixed environments.

Douglas Stickle (MSE, 1982): Measurement of the chemokinetic response of alveolar macrophage to FNLLP stimulation using the linear under-agarose assay, and considerations for design of chemotaxis experiments.

Caryn Hertz (MSE, joint with Prof. D.J. Graves, 1982): Separation of human lymphocytes using soybean lectin affinity chromatography.

Karen Dapsis (MSE, 1985): Effect of cell motility properties on microbial competition in nonmixed environment.

Mercedes Rivero-Hudec (PhD, 1986): Analysis of the capillary assay for bacterial chemotaxis.

Robert Tranquillo (PhD, 1986): Phenomenological and fundamental descriptions of leukocyte motility and chemotaxis behavior.

Helen Buettner (PhD, 1987): Measurement of leukocyte motility and chemotaxis parameters using the filter assay.

Daniel Hammer (PhD, 1987): Modeling of receptor-mediated cell adhesion to surfaces.

Jennifer Linderman (PhD, 1987): Analysis of intracellular receptor/ligand sorting in receptor-mediated endocytosis.

Elizabeth Fisher (PhD, 1988): Effects of chemotaxis on cell-target encounter rates and particle clearance.

Brian Farrell (PhD, 1989): Measurement of individual cell and cell population parameters for alveolar macrophage chemosensory migration responses to C5a.

Cynthia Stokes (PhD, 1989): Analysis of microvessel endothelial cell migration and chemotaxis in angiogenesis.

Roseanne Ford (PhD, 1989): Quantitative studies of bacterial motility and chemotaxis using a stopped-flow chamber assay and an individual cell-based mathematical model.

Cindy Starbuck (PhD, 1991): Quantitative studies of epidermal growth factor binding and trafficking dynamics in fibroblasts, with application to cell proliferation.

Paul DiMilla (PhD, joint with Prof. J.A. Quinn, 1991): Receptor-mediated tissue cell adhesion and migration on protein-coated surfaces.

Manuel Cano (PhD, joint with Prof. S.H. Zigmond, 1991): Kinetics of actin polymerization responses to chemotactic peptide stimulation of neutrophil leukocytes.

Steven Charnick (PhD, joint with Prof. J.A. Quinn, 1992): Quantitative analysis of chemotactic cell movement.

Kerri Gaumer (PhD, joint with Prof. E.D. Glandt, 1993): Simulation studies of cell shape and adhesion.

University of Illinois

Kim Forsten (PhD, 1993): Computational studies of autocrine ligand binding.

Suzanne Kuo (PhD, 1994): Experimental and computational studies of receptor-mediated cell detachment in shear flow.

Glenn Ridenour (MS, 1994): Developing a system for studies of engineered cell migration.

Anne Robinson (PhD, joint with Prof. K.D. Wittrup, 1994): Role of endoplasmic reticulum chaparones in secretion of proteins from yeast.

Christine Schmidt (PhD, joint with Prof. A.F. Horwitz, 1994): Integrin/cytoskeleton interactions in migrating fibroblasts.

Anthony French (PhD/MD, 1995): Experimental and modeling studies of endosomal sorting using the EGF/EGF-receptor system in fibroblasts.

Ann Saterbak (PhD, 1995): Serial protein pairs in cell/surface adhesion.

Teresa Stone (MS, 1995): Probing receptor/ligand bond properties with a membrane force transducer technique.

Cartikeya Reddy (PhD, joint with Prof. A. Wells, 1996): Growth factor-induced mitogenesis: trafficking determinants of the cellular response.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Steven Rodgers (SM, 1996): Characterizing the motogenic response of human keratinocytes to EGF and TGFa.

Greg Oehrtman (PhD, joint with Prof. H.S. Wiley, 1997): Quantification of EGF receptor/ligand interactions in bioengineered autocrine cell system: comparison of theory and experiment.

Margaret Ware (PhD, 1997): EGF-induced cell migration: a quantitative and mechanistic analysis.

Lily Chu (PhD, 1998): Ligand transport through cellular matrices and the role of receptor-mediated trafficking.

David Schaffer (PhD, 1998): EGF receptor-mediated DNA uptake: a model system for engineering selective gene therapy approaches.

Sean Palacek (PhD, joint with Prof. A.F. Horwitz, 1998): Role of integrins in mediating adhesion strength and migration speed during cell migration.

Jason Haugh (PhD, joint with Prof. A. Wells, 1999): Cellular compartmentation effects in receptor-mediated signal transduction.

Gargi Maheshwari (PhD, joint with Prof. L.G. Griffith, 1999): Biophysical regulation of cell motility by adhesion ligands and growth factors: effect of spatial presentation of the ligand.

Eric Fallon (PhD, joint with Prof. T.L. Ciardelli, 1999): Analysis of trafficking dynamics and cellular reponse in the IL-2 system.

Chase Orsello (PhD, joint with Prof. C.K. Colton, 1999): Characterization of cell detachment from hollow fiber affinity membranes for use in cell separations applications.

Anand Asthagiri (PhD, joint with Prof. A.F. Horwitz, 2000): Dynamics of synergistic intracellular signals regulating cell cycle progression.

Klaudyne Hong (PhD, 2001): Cellular de novo methylation of plasmid DNA: effects on lipid vector gene delivery and expression.

Michael Caplan (PhD, joint with Prof. R.K. Kamm, 2001): Principles for rational design of a self-assembling oligopeptide biomaterial.

Ann Dewitt (PhD, 2001): Analysis of and manipulation of spatial operation of the EGF receptor autocrine signaling loop.

Casim Sarkar (PhD, 2002): Cytokine engineering through ligand/receptor dynamics: a study on GCSF.

Csanad Varga (PhD, 2003): Quantitative analysis and characterization of intracellular gene delivery mechanisms.

Bart Hendriks (PhD, 2003): EGFR and HER2 trafficking and signaling dynamics: experiment and modeling studies.

Lily Koo (PhD, joint with Prof. L.G. Griffith, 2003): Regulation of cell adhesion by nanoscale control of ligand presentation.

Wendy Prudhomme (PhD, 2003): Quantitative analysis of ECM signaling regulation of embryonic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation decisions.

David Collins (PhD, joint with Prof. P.I. Barton, 2003): Chemical process modeling approach to cell signaling analysis.

Keith Duggar (PhD, joint with Prof. P.K. Sorger, 2004): Modeling and analysis of gene expression arrays.

Brian Harms (PhD, 2004): Quantitative cue-signal-response analysis of EGF-mediated cell migration.

Balaji Rao (PhD, joint with Prof. K.D. Wittrup, 2004): Directed evolution of IL-2 for improved therapeutic effectiveness.

Maya Said (PhD, joint with Prof. A.V. Oppenheim, 2004): Biological signal processing: proteins, networks, and cells.

Kevin Janes (PhD, joint with Prof. M. Yaffe, 2005): Quantitative analysis of the cytokine-mediated apoptosis/survival cell decision process.

Kathryn Miller-Jensen (PhD, 2006): Quantitative analysis of viral vector modification of a cytokine-mediated cell death decision.

Lucia Wille (PhD, 2006): Quantitative analysis of the T-cell receptor signaling network in response to altered peptide ligands.

Karen Sachs (PhD, 2006): Bayesian network models of biological signaling pathways.

Jennifer Fang (MEng, 2006): Experimental methods for cellular compartmental analysis of gene delivery.

Alejandro Wolf-Yadlin (PhD, joint with Prof. F. White): Mass spectrometry technologies for quantitative cell signaling proteomics: the EGF receptor family as a model system.

Neil Kumar (PhD, 2006): A computational and experimental study of HER2 signaling effects on cell migration and proliferation.

Nate Tedford (PhD, joint with Prof. L. Griffith, 2006): Quantitative analysis of non-viral gene therapy in primary liver culture systems.

Lisa Joslin (PhD, 2007): Quantitative studies of EGFR autocrine induced cell signaling and migration.

Artemis Kalezi (PhD, joint with Prof. L. Griffith, 2007): Quantitative studies of gene delivery to hepatocytes in 2D and 3D culture systems.

Maya Hasan (MEng, 2007): In vitro experimental model system for inflammation-related drug toxicity.

Bree Aldridge (PhD, joint with Prof. P. Sorger, 2008): Analysis of the TNF-induced apoptosis decision network.

Rongcong Wu (SM, joint with Prof. D. Schauer, 2008): Quantitative analysis of TLR-4-mediated cell responses in murine macrophages.

Ben Cosgrove (PhD, joint with Prof. L. Griffith, 2008): Quantitative analysis of cytokine-induced hepatocyte proliferation, apoptosis, and toxicity.

Post-doctoral associates advised

Yong-Ho Khang (1990-1991): Epidermal growth factor binding/trafficking properties and cell proliferation.

Paul Wu (1991-1993): Modulation of endothelial cell migration by integrin binding competitors.

Michael Lassle (1996-2000): Epidermal growth factor trafficking and signal transduction.

Fred Allen (1997-2000): Forces involved in fibroblast migration responses to epidermal growth factor.

Peter Zandstra (1997-1998): Cytokine dynamics and stem cell expansion.

Atul Narang (1999-2000): Mathematical modeling of membrane phospholipid signaling in cell motility.

Stas Shvartsman (1999-2001): Computational cell biology: analysis of autocrine loops.

Daniel Kamei (2001-2003): Computational modeling for design of Fc-conjugated therapeutic proteins.

Birgit Schoeberl (2001-2003): Computational modeling of EGFR signaling in autocrine cell migration behavior.

Peter Woolf (2002-2004): Computational modeling of signaling in cell migration and development.

Ivan Maly (2003-2004): Analysis of mechanosignaling networks.

Melissa Lambeth Kemp (2003-2006): Quantitative analysis of cell signaling in apoptosis.

Muhammad Zaman (2003-2006): Computational modeling of cell migration in 3-dimensional matrices.

Fei Hua (2005): Fas receptor-mediated apoptosis.

Catherine Cresson (2004-2006): Quantitative analysis of EGFR vIII trafficking and signaling dynamics.

Sampsa Hauteniemi (2004-2006): Bioinformatic analysis of cell signaling networks.

Evi Farazi (2005-2006): PI3K/Akt signaling in cell responses to growth factors.

Yuefeng Han (2005-2006): Biophysical model of cell adhesion dynamics.

John Burke (2003-2008): Dynamic analysis of cell signaling networks.

Matthew Lazzara (2004-2007): Modulation of EGFR-targeted therapeutics effects by receptor/ligand dynamics.

Arthur Goldsipe (2006-2008): Data-driven analysis of the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.

Greg Riddick (2007-2008): Transcriptional regulation in T-cells by signaling networks.

Pamela Kreeger (2005-2008): Quantitative analysis of varied RAS mutations in inflammation and apoptosis.

Manu Platt Joint with Prof. L. Griffith (2006-2008): Signaling networks regulating mesenchymal stem cell differentiation.